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Emma Covers Tatler Magazine

Hollywood scion Emma Roberts is the March cover

TATLER – Emma Roberts has asked to meet in a fashionable and suitably expensive village in the Hamptons. Although she lives in Los Angeles, the quaint Long Island holiday destination has become a second home since her mother moved there 10 years ago.

It’s a chilly winter’s day and the road that leads along the harbour-front to the local bookshop is quiet. The 30-year-old American actress arrives early, wrapped in an orange horse-print aviator jacket, and black trousers and boots. Her buttery-blonde hair is tucked under a thick, cream beanie, her face all high cheekbones and luminous, flawless skin. It soon becomes clear that the reason for meeting at a bookshop is not simply because it is an easy landmark at which to spot a stranger: Roberts has come to shop.

‘They’ve got so many new releases since I was last here!’ she exclaims, winding between the display tables. ‘Can I give you some recommendations?’

In the abstract, the thought of browsing bookshelves with a celebrity seems excruciatingly awkward and performative – an attempt, perhaps, on the part of the interviewee to nonchalantly showcase their intellect. But there is nothing grandiose about Roberts as she scours the shelves for I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness by Claire Vaye Watkins – a novel about a young mother who abandons her family during a bout of postpartum depression – just an infectious enthusiasm for stories that she thinks she, or someone she knows, will love.
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Emma for Violet Grey

Emma for Violet Grey

Emma was photographed for Violet Grey last year. Friend and colleague, Jamie Lee Curtis, interviewed Emma. Check out the photos and the interview below!


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Emma is the Face of New FRED Jewelry Collection

Emma is the Face of New FRED Jewelry Collection

Emma is the ambassador for the new FRED Pretty Woman jewelry collection! Check out the campaign below.

Emma Roberts embodies the Pretty Woman collection

The House has chosen Emma Roberts to embody the new collection.
As the face of the forthcoming advertising campaign, the actress will also take the lead role in ‘Your way your love’, a series of short videos appearing soon on social media. Since love is also a game, FRED has invited its ambassador to play the various aspects of love illustrated by the Pretty Woman collection, whole-hearted, spontaneous and daring, just like you!

Gallery Update: Photoshoots from 2019

I’ve updated the gallery with photoshoots from 2019. I plan on reorganizing the “photo sessions” category and will add missing shoots soon!

2017 TIFF Portraits

I’ve added some portraits of Emma that were taken during the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival!

Emma for “Who What Wear”

Emma for “Who What Wear”

Emma has been featured in the spring issue of Who What Wear! Check out the stunning photoshoot in the gallery, and the article below.

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Mario Testino’s #TowelSeries

Emma has been photographed for Mario Testino‘s #TowelSeries. Check out the stunning photo below, on Emma’s Instragram, and also our gallery!

@mariotestino #TowelSeries

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Photo Sessions > Session 098

Coachella Photoshoot

I’ve added a some photos to the gallery of a new photoshoot that was taken during Coachella.

Photo Sessions > Session 097