Emma’s “Allure” Cover Shoot (Video)

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“Allure” Magazine

“Allure” Magazine

I have added scans of Emma from Allure magazine for 2016, enjoy!

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“Scream Queens” 1×12 & 1×13 Screen Captures

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Yahoo Celebrity Interview with Emma

Emma Roberts on the Downside of a GIF-Worthy Performance

Thanks to her partnership with Ryan Murphy, Emma Roberts has emerged as one of the ultimate on-screen mean girls. However, in her real life, Roberts is far less likely to make you cry, unless it’s tears of jealousy for her enviable style. Fortunately, for the month of December, Roberts has partnered with Covet Fashion as its first Covet Host. Starting today and into the month of January, you’ll be able to play as Emma Roberts in the app, styling her for a day in her life.

Yahoo Celebrity spoke to Roberts about her own personal style, that “surprise b*tch” meme, and, of course, we begged her to give us spoilers about the upcoming finale of Scream Queens.

Yahoo Celebrity: Tell me a little bit about this partnership with Covet Fashion.
Emma Roberts: Basically I’m Covet’s host for the month of December, and people can go on the app and dress me for all different kinds of occasions. It’s basically, they get to see a day in the life and also get to see my style and they get to pick from different pieces that I love and put them together on me the way they want to for different events. It’s anything from me getting coffee to me going to a red carpet event.

So if there’s a photo of you getting coffee and someone says, “Oh I love those shorts,” can they then find out how to get them?
ER: Yeah, exactly. Covet has so many brands, I think like over 150 brands on their app, and so you can pick from all different kinds of designers and brands and casual or dressy and also kind of get to see what I like to wear to all these different things so it’s a lot of fun.
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Welcome to Emma Roberts Online

Welcome to Emma Roberts Online, your newest source for everything Emma Roberts! For years I have thought about creating a fansite for Emma and now I finally have. Thanks to Free Fansite Hosting for the perfect domain!
We aim to provide the latest photos, news and much more of Emma. The gallery is not complete with such as screen captures from projects, but there is much more to come and many photos to be added.
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